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    Good morning,
    I can not translate comments and reviews.
    I have comments and reviews on the main language template and even if the translation is enabled, it does not display.
    Furthermore it is not the only field that is not translated, i need to translate also “field-extra_price”.
    I’m using WPML for the traslations.
    Last question: I have a Search From element in my homepage, but it only works in the main language.



    SOme text stay in the Layout, some text stay in Page edit (element title) or Text Block element. You should open it to change and change to other text by your self.

    With special text, you can use Poedit to change to other text:

    Manual Translation

    Please check again and send us a screenshot of text does not translated so we can help better.



    If someone leaves a comment, it is only displayed on the corresponding translation page.
    I need all comments and revisions to be visible in every language.

    Is there a way to synchronize the rental availability calendar with that of its translation?
    Currently having many elements it would take too much to change the calendars one by one.



    WPML plugin does not have function to automatic translate comment or other feature even calendar.

    It just support to quick convert a post to other language by Duplicate function so you have to do it manually.

    Thank you your understanding.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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