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    Maps are working again.

    No I have 2 other big issues.

    1st user login is not working any more.
    If you try to login it goes to wishlist and does not login even it is set in option that it should redirect to page user site.

    If you try to save pages it ends up on a blank page.
    Or if you try to save traveler settings it aends also up on a blank page

    Nearly all plugins are deactivated.
    Server Requirements are all set as described in your documentation
    (some setting are even a bit higher)

    FYI: login page has been set back to wp-admin for now.

    Would be grat şf you could have a look.

    Thanks in advance.



    I checked your site and see the problem related to your HTTPS protocol.

    It redirect to wrong page after login.

    Please contact your hosting provider to check it.




    I’ve asked them this is their answer.

    ”With the SSL certificate of the project, homepage and random pages are published without problems. From a page on the project to another page .htaccess etc. If you are having problems with your routing methods, please contact your project software / designer. Incorrect redirect URLs may be in ‘http’ format.”


    Yes it is.

    The problem related to HTTP and HTTPS method that we can not help you correct routing methods from our side.

    Your server have to do that for your site.

    You can try to check by install theme package in other fresh server or localhost.




    I found the plugin which is not compatible in regards of displaying maps well.

    It is WPML!

    Hard to believe.



    This is the first time i get a notification from customer about conflict of WPML with SSL protocol.

    Most of customer only has problem while translating to other language.

    Please check it again.


Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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