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    Hi Bryan, I am having an issue

    Try this link

    Search Result Tours 1

    Thats a spanish resulta page for looking for tour (excursiones) in El Calafate
    It shows you 23 excursions in El Calafate which is correct

    If you swich to english in that page it goes to this link

    Search Result Tours 1 ENG

    Which shows 52 tours and is not correct

    The same happens if you search in English (found 23 excursions in El Calafate) , and then you switch to english it reads 53 tours found.

    Any ideas on how to fix this?




    Did you translate all your 52 tours from English to Spanish?

    Also in the Spanish language, please check your tour settings like calendar available because if it not available to book, it can not display in search result page.

    Please check again.



    Hi Bryan, I think the problem its not clear

    WHen you search for Tours in El Calafate in Spanish, it shows 23 results in spanish , thats fine
    When you search for tours in El Calafate in English, it shows 23 results in english, fine also.

    Problem is when you switch languages in results page (english to spanish or spanish to english) it shows 53 tours , which is wrong




    After switch language, you have to search again because the result display by data taken from url. When change language, the location ID, Data, taxonomy ID in URL has changed so it can not find that old data to display. It will display all tour.



    Ok, thanks a lot!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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