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    Good afternoon.
    I have many questions about your topic, but I’ll start with the main:
    1. Mobile version after update:
    The speed of the site has dropped noticeably!
    Very slowly, I checked through googlepagespeed JavaScript and CSS code that blocks the top of the page (on the mobile version)
    More details on the photo (for comparison, two).

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    You can try WP Rocket plugin to minify css files and Js files in order to improve the loading site.



    Bryan hello.

    In my opinion, the mistake is on your side.
    I prefer not to load my site with plugins, I think that you need to solve the problem, intervene in the code.

    Yours faithfully your client.


    I understand that you are asking me to spend another $ 39 to solve this problem?
    And not the fact that the problem will be solved?



    we’re working for improve the speed up of loading site. It will improve over time.

    Currently, the plugin is an option to help you do it. You can find other free plugin with same feature to help you do it.


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    This is our homepage layout demo with that element:

    Travelpayouts – Skyscanner api

    As you can see, the slide functions still work well. Please description more details and provide an admin account so i can help you better.


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    I have set full width for your slider header.

    Please check again.



    Bryan the question was not the breadth!
    I can not click “learn more” on 2 and the next slide, only on the first
    And when I go to the location I can not expand the photo to the full page


    I think your work is not done correctly
    read the crux of the problem please!
    When installing Travler 2.0
    The problem disappears, respectively, a mistake on your part.


    I start to regret that in general I contacted your theme
    There are many options and alternative thems that are ready to implement the same functions with better quality.
    Too many flaws, it is not yet ready for release, as you say.
    Your work on the part of technical support is disgusting.
    Virtually none of my questions you have not solved, on the condition that I independently configured almost all the functions.
    You helped me study web programming, thank you.

    I expect a decision from you.
    Time you had.
    I left 2 topics on the previous forum, which you also did not solve, but I can solve this problem myself, but I have to draw a slider just, which I do not want to do!
    Disgusting support


    Block does not work under the browser – chrome
    in safari – buttons available

    reported this issue
    October 23, 2017 at 10:12 pm
    48 hours have passed?



    We does not found the problem yet. It happen only on Chrome.

    I will check and inform you after check and fixed it.



    Dear team
    Almost a week has already passed
    the problem is not solved
    Your actions?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 73 total)

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