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    Did you try install theme on other fresh server or even localhost to check this issue.

    Also do not forget install only plugins that theme required to make it work property.

    We have not yet find out the problem in Chrome browser. There is no wired with theme function. It still work well in other browsers.



    What do you propose to me?
    Chrome – android devices
    Chorme ~ 60% of our customers.
    You can not solve the problem from your side?
    What will change the reinstallation of the topic to the local hosting?
    I need a functional on my website, then offer an alternative if you can not solve this problem.
    the deadlines for resolving this issue have long since come out, I have clients who can not use the service, which is the cost for the company
    function works on version 2.0



    Something are getting strange. We testing on all site include our site and customer site, the problem is not show up. Only you get this problem.

    Please try to install on other fresh server or even localhost then import our demo data to check it.



    good afternoon
    I found the problem

    they are out of use:

    html {
    overflow-x: hidden;
    body {
    overflow: -webkit-paged-x;

    But in this way I hid it on the mobile version and goes to the right, how do I fix it?
    I do not want my tail to go to the right on the mobile version.



    Sorry for not clear your point about it goes to the right after you hid it on the mobile.

    Please description more details so i can help you better.



    thanks to all have to understand yourself.
    The question is how to remove from the domain address – st_tour / st_location and etc



    You can explain in more detail what this function is needed for and what it gives?


    Ability to sort by price
    How can I do?

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    1. The TravelerPMS API allows 3rd party developers to expand and build on the platform. You can register new account here:


    2. In the search result page, you can use sort by price (low to high or opposite ) at to top bar filter.


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    Thanks for the answer.
    But you did not quite understand my questions
    1. What does the given platform give if the real version is available? From which I can read.
    2. Sorting rooms in the hotel for the price, not in the search form.



    1. It using to build your booking engine like other booking system.

    2. That list room was order by Date Created as default. In order to change that, you have to edit the code.

    Thank you.



    Ffter installing WMPL
    Missing the search location selection

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    The parent locale element does not work, it produces 500 error.
    If I remove the “parent”.
    Starts working.



    Since traveler version 2.0.2, to make the list location selection appear, you have to select parent for child location.

    For example: Paris belong to France. when you create new tour, select Paris location. You have to select France too to make these location appear on location list of search form.

    Please check again.



    have a conflict with the WMPL plugin
    when I activate it almost all the functions of the theme (location, single hotel)
    does not work!
    500 error

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 73 total)

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