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    You should increase PHP max input vars to 3000-5000 as our requirement to make it work better.

    Requirements For Traveler

    Please check again.



    Why do you ignore my questions?
    It was much more than 48 hours
    I have asked questions since January 17 and have not received an answer to them yet!


    Thanks max_input_vars I installed in 5000.
    I managed to solve the problem with google key.
    Just managed to solve the problem with the accrual of cash in your account deleted from the database (wp_st_order_item_meta) (may be useful to anyone)
    Last questions
    1. There is no application for transfer booking.
    2. You wrote about the Invoice, does not work because of the plugin WPML I ask to check (Your theme is compatible with this plugin)
    3. Hotel – instructions for installing new templates as you have on the test site



    1. That is not a question. Please description more details so i can help you better.

    2. We have fixed the download invoice problem in new theme version 2.0.4. Also when i check your site, it display 500 error and does not allow to book new service to check the download invoice.

    3. You can check the option and config for new hotel layout in Traveler Settings > Hotel Alone Options.

    Please check again.


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    1. The list Car booking in admin dashboard does not yet supported to display Transfer. We are working on to update it in next version.

    2. If you use only language (do not use WPML), just clear the all cache then check again.

    I recorded a video in our demo site that have WPML plugin and see the invoice still able to download as well:


    3. Unluckily, we does not allow customer access the demo site to test the function. Please update your system or install new theme package in your localhost to check it and contact if you have any question.



    1 This is the answer I was asking from you, I hope that the error in the next update will disappear.
    Approximately when is the update planned?

    2. There is no invoice in the video. But I believe that you have it working, okay I will look for a mistake on my side.

    3 http://shinetheme.com/documentation/traveler/

    I thought you were preparing documentation for new functions?
    Why not create a process for installing new templates? (Hotel Alone)



    1. Our team are working on that. I will inform you to help you quick fix after our team fixed the problem.

    3. We will update it immediately.

    Please contact if you have any other question so i can help.


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    You can refer our faq for this error then contact your hosting provider to check:

    500 Internal Server Error



    is the question related to the 500 error?


    Sorry for my mistake.

    That new hotel/room alone layout does not have document or video yet to guide customer build it.

    We are working on to update.

    You can build layout like other layout and option in Traveler Settings > Hotel Alone Options.


Viewing 13 posts - 61 through 73 (of 73 total)

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