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    Hi ShineThem Support,

    I wanted to apply the design of your demo page “20 days Paris to Venice” (https://travelerwp.com/tour/ligula-ultricies/#request)
    to my single tour layout, and when I went on to generate the preview of the “20 Days from Paris to Venice” that was downloaded in my WordPress C-Panel along with the whole traveler Child Theme, it didn’t look the same at all…

    You can open this link and see by yourself it is not same:

    Please, what can I do to get the same version of the “20 days From Paris to Venice” as this one: https://travelerwp.com/tour/ligula-ultricies/#request
    So I can make a template out of it and a layout I can apply to my tours singles?
    Maybe you can provide a link where I can download it and import it to my WP C-Panel so it replaces mine?

    Many Thanks!



    It seem you have selected wrong layout for your tour. Please edit the tour then change to right layout for it (default layout name is Single Tour Full Map).

    Also this video will show you the way to build that layout in case you need.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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