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    I’ve made a fresh setup here:

    Home Layout Default | Traveler

    Demo has been imported and I want to further develop the site according to my requirement.
    I was trying to make some changes in theme settings but after I hit “save changes” it just forwards to 404 page not found. Can you please have a look.
    GIF: https://izy.link/QhjpKM




    It seem your server has been blocked something that does not allow to save new setting of theme.

    I changed to default theme and it still get the problem.

    Please contact your hosting provider to help you check again.




    I’m sorry, I didn’t get it.
    I installed another theme “Simplys” which is based on “option tree” for theme options.
    It just works fine.

    Can you please clear me what didn’t work while changing to default theme so that I can explain it to my host.



    For some reason, theme settings is working now.
    But it painfully loads for around 3-4 minutes and shows “Theme options updated”.

    Could it still be due to host?
    It’s making me frustrated now as I’ve deadlines to meet.



    There are many reasons why a WordPress website is slow. Our faq will show you more details:

    My Website Is Slow. What Can I Do?


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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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