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    I have purchased Traveler theme for my travel website thinking it is the best theme so far and have just what I need for my website. However, try as I might, and even if I followed the instructions and requirements for installation, it still won’t work. I have even asked the help of the hosting company, but they too could not install the theme. Please help. I really do hope this will be resolved soon as I need to renovate my website the soonest.

    Thank you.

    Best regards,



    Please description more details of the problem you have so i can help better.




    The theme will not install. It just shows a white blank page.



    Also, I asked the hosting provider to help me with the installation and I even asked them to update php to version 7.1 just so the theme would work. Still, the theme will not install. Hosting provider says it could be caused by a problem in the theme’s php coding.



    This is the error that shows when the theme is installed:

    The link you followed has expired.

    Please try again.

    Php version has been set to 7.1 just to meet your REQUIREMENTS! but it still did not work so I needed to revert again to the lower version and vice versa. I need to have this installed and fixed asap. Also, it would greatly help if you could provide an email notification when you answer tickets in your forum. For now, I see it lacks that attribute.




    Before install theme and import demo data, please be sure your server meet our requirement bellow to make it work normal:

    Requirements For Traveler

    Please check your site again.



    We have already tried to meet your REQUIREMENTS but it still does not work. Now, all requirements are met but when installed via cpanel, it says STYLESHEET IS MISSING.



    it seems you have problem while uploading theme package to install.

    Please follow our document bellow then install again.

    Install via WordPress



    You know, what, Bryan? I have done just that a number of times already. I have also asked the help of the webhost to upload via ftp but the same problem occurs. Why don’t you take a look at your theme and see if there is a problem instead of just sending me to help links? Your theme is the worst I have bought so far and I truly regret spending my money on this rubbish!

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    Good luck raimagic,
    I have the same issue is ongoing for past 3 months. With no real support, nothing past several weeks. This is starting to create a lot of issues and is annoying, honestly. I requested compensation for that – another theme or refund money back, see no toher option..



    I have sent you the tip in your ticket to install.

    Please follow your ticket then check again.



    After so many attempts, I was finally able to install your theme, thanks to my web host who tirelessy made efforts to decipher your super sophisticated theme. However, background and wrap around image, as well as your place holder image won’t go away no matter how many times I clicked on your demo’s controls. Please let me know how to remove those so I can finally be able to get my site going.



    Sorry for the inconvenience. Please send me your admin account and some images about your issue to I can check it for you.

    Thank you.


    I have already removed the background and wrap-around image. Could you please tell me how to change price separator from comma (,) to decimal point (.)? Right now, price looks like this S24,00 instead of $24.00

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