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    Click on “посмотреть отель” Further click on “смотреть все фото 24 шт”



    My image will show you the problem of it.

    Please contact travelpayout so they can check and fix it.


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    Brayan It’s your problem. You contact and decide !! Do not repeat the mistakes that were in another support service read.


    You are boorish. You repeat the correspondence that already was.



    We are contacting to travelpayout to find the solutions.



    The same problem occurs when you click “subscribe”(подписаться) on the search result page


    Why a traveler can not work on a subdomain? I’m on a hosting configured for a subdomain, but you like it all remade is not clear



    We are still waiting the solution from TravelPayout system. I will contact you as soon as they have the answer.

    Thank you.

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    I do not understand your meaning in your video.

    Please description more details so i can help you better.

    Also with the hotel gallery, travelpayout has confirmed error so we are still waiting for solution from theme.



    Brian you blind !?


    The video clearly shows the elements that do not work. If you do not understand, do the same as the video. And then your brain can understand.


    In your video, We does not see you show the problem related to hotel gallery like you mentioned before: Click on “посмотреть отель” Further click on “смотреть все фото 24 шт”

    Please check again.


    On my video, I do not show the problem of the hotel, which is known for a month (today is the anniversary, I congratulate you on negative work). I point out new problems !!


    Also it seem travelpayout is working on to fix it so it link to nothing. It does not work like before.

    Please wait to update from travelpayout provider.


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)

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