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    Your support sucks so badly. I posted the same issue on the 7 August 2017 on previous support forum (Ticksy) and in the Traveler comments section on Themeforest and did not get any help from you on resolving and fixing this bug.

    I noticed that there is an error within the Traveler theme search results URL structure after a new Travelpayouts update for tool for hotels.
    I have configured everything properly within Travelpayouts dashboard. However when I search for hotels on my traveler website, after a redirection to my subdomain with search results within hotel white label, only “View Deal” button work properly. When I try to see hotel details and click and enter the link with the hotel name, it redirects me to http://hotels/?marker=… instead of http://subdomain.domain.com/hotels/?marker=
    Moreover hotels search result URL after a redirection to search results within white label subdomain is also incorrect. I get this URL: http://subdomain.domain.com//hotels/?marker=…instead of this: http://subdomain.domain.com/hotels/?marker=… There is a double ”/” character.

    In other words there seem to be a bug within traveler URL structure of search box’s tool. There are double ”/” character. When I manually delete one extra ”/” character from the URL, everything works great. What might be a problem? Best regards

    It seems that Travelpayouts changet their URL structure after an update to their hotels white label solution. How to fix Traveler search box, so that it would work with Travelpayouts hotel white label solution correctly? Are you planing any update?



    Our old support system having problem so we can not see your full issue.

    Please provide your admin account or ftp account so we can help you fix it.

    Thank you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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