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    Dear support,

    After updating the website theme through WP Panel the Flight search of TP API is broken (the page shows no results).

    Also I would like to know when are such things going to be fixed:

    a) the fields in search don’t work well. DESTINATION gets filled automatically with the same information than ORIGIN and the selected field jumps to DATE, which forces the user to select the fields manually, and to manually erase the contents of the field. This is a serious issue, provides an awful user experience

    b) I keep getting the error of outdated Woocommerce files. Couldn’t you have updated them with this update and get on with it?

    c) Is it to be expected that, when in production if I update the theme the flight search module, will stop working for hours?

    d) Why wasn’t WPBakery Visual Composer updated with the last update. On the other themes I’ve purchased when the themes get updated I get the Page Builder updated as well, but here that is not happening.

    I am seeing many bugs for such an expensive theme. One hundred bucks is one of the most expensive themes available around. I ask a quick action to solve this issues please. Thank you.

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    The problem is your site using HTTPS protocol so it blocked the content frame from TravelPayout. I have fixed it for you.

    a. It seem TravelPayout has been updated that automatic fill in the destination field. It also happend with our demo here:


    b. Our faq will show you more information of the message:

    Outdated WooCommerce Templates

    c. Just fixed the flight search result of Travelpayout for you.

    d. The latest plugin always come with latest theme package that you download from themeforest. It stays in traveler_package2.0.2\traveler\inc\files folder.

    Please check again.



    Hi Bryan thanks for the support and reply.

    Three questions:

    1. Can you explain better the issue about HTTPS and what was the fix?

    2. About the outdated WooCommerce files, I get the manual fix, but why don’t you guys update the theme accordingly?

    3. About WPBakery Visual Composer, you mean if I download from ThemeForest the theme again it will include the latest plugin version, but if I use the updater in the WP admin it will not update the plugin?

    Thank you!

    Kind regards,



    1. I just change a few code in wp-content\themes\traveler\template-tp-flights-search.php. You can see my image and compare with your current file.

    2. It just notice message of woocommerce and it does not conflic with any theme feature.

    You can leave it.

    3. We bought a license of visual composer plugin and use with theme as a functions. You can contact us to get latest version or find it in theme package folder.

    if you want to update plugin via wordpress, you need buy your own license.


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    Hi Bryan thank you for all your answers you are amazing!

    What I meant by the last point is, I have the Traveler theme correctly configured so it updates via WordPress control panel. My question is, doing so (via wp-admin) the plugin isn’t updated, so I have to do it manually. Did I understand correctly?




    Yes that is my point. You can not update Visual Plugin automatic via WordPress because you do not have plugin license.

    You have to manual update it.

    Thank for your understanding.


    Hi Bryan maybe I’m being a noob here but this is what I did today, no luck.

    So I had already updated the theme via wp-admin, so I went on theme forest and downloaded the new version. I tried looking inside the ZIP file for plugin folder or something to upload just that to the server but I couldn’t find it. Do I have to upload everything or can I do this manually just uploading the files/folder for this plugin instead of all the files?




    You can contact us for new plugin version. I will send you the link to download it.

    Also here is visual 5.4.5:



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