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    Greetings team Bryan!!

    Kindly would you help me as always with a couple of questions..
    1. Well I was using the PHP Version 5.6.20 and the booking system was doing great.. but then I did the update to PHP Version 7.0.26-1~dotdeb+8.2 and look where it says under “your booking” message..(Attached image) the information just disappeared..so is there something that is not compatible and may be giving a problem??

    2. I had to disable the captcha of that form because even if we put the images, it sent us the wrong CAPTCHA message. And that the only thing I did was to update the CAPTCHA.
    So it’s kind of another problem..

    Thanks guys for your help and great support.


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    Hello Bryan

    I was checking, and in chrome it works, but not in firefox, IE and safari




    1. Theme work best on PHP 5.6 but it also support to work on higher php version. I will transfer this case to our dev team to check and if it have any problem, we will fix and update it.

    2. You can turn off Captcha in Traveler Settings > Booking Options > Show captcha.

    Thank you.


    Hello Team Bryan

    I kept doing the tests with the system, cause its kind of urgent for me to make this work properly.
    The thing is that by using Safari, Chrome and Firefox the only way I can see the information in “Your booking” chart is when I’m logged in the system (I mean user name and password) .
    But when I’m not logged in I get the empty box. Please look at the enclosed images.
    I did a test using the option of “Allow guest booking” in the theme Options panel but it doesn’t really make any difference with this problem.
    Will this be a permit problem or something similar?
    I’ll appreciate your help a lot guys, cause its really urgent for me.. regards PG.

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    That option allow guest can book service without login but to view booking order details of booking history, they must login to see it.

    Thank you.


    Ok thanks Team Bryan

    But is there any other way to allow users book and view the order details without login in?




    Ok and I understand that it does not allow to view the booking history, but I have another questions.
    1. In case that the user is not logged in, the user can choose the number of days of the reservation but also does not leave the detail on the right side, why does this happen?

    2. I’m worried that the user gets the following image where the reservation comes out as free. Please look enclosed image (booking free).

    3. Finally I’m also worried that the user gets an email, but the link that arrives to confirm the reservation only shows this: (white booking image). Please look enclosed image.

    I’ll appreciate your support with this.

    thanks and regards. PG

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    I see your site is using theme version 2.0.2.

    Please update your theme/plugins to latest version then check again.

    Traveler Changelog


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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