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    Hello Dear.
    We need to make tour search pages for our main cities (in our case the attribute is Destinations and the city is Istanbul), so we added Destinations in attributes and added Istanbul inside, but the page template for attributes is blog search i think, and we need it like Tour Search Result layout with sidebar, and what is exactly we need is a separate tour page for every city with the same layout as Tour Search Results, so in order to do that we thought for some solutions:

    1. is it possible to change the default page template for all attributes to Tour Search Result layout with sidebar.
    2. we tried to add new page and used Tour Search Result as a template, but it show all tours, so can you please provide some css code to add in Page builder custom CSS to only show tours of attribute if possible.
    3. is there some kind of guide to add page templates or layouts to this theme?
    4. is it possible to add grid tours of attribute or category to page throw page builder, because we cannot find any element like that.

    Please help this is an urgent matter?
    Thanks in advance.



    You can follow our document bellow to set up search result page:

    Tour Search Result



    did you even read what i wrote?
    when i choose Tour Search Result fro page attribute template it overwrite my page and shows the original Tour page.
    please i need use same layout but with different content
    how can i make it?


    and fyi i am using V2 theme



    Theme provide the page template at the attribute section for separate function. If you do not select it, theme will understand your page is normal page and will not apply any function.

    Thank for your understanding.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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