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    I have an urgent problem with hotel rooms.
    All rooms assigned to hotels are shown only in English (the main language of the site) but not in any of the other languages.
    I created the translations with WMPL duplication functions. As an example you can see “Hotel & SPA Baia Taormina” in the frontend (you must be logged in to bypass the “coming soon” page, see attached account info): it has three room types. Now if you change language other than “english” you will see that no room type is shown.

    Obviously, I have done “Synch Availability” several times without any result.

    I would also like to know what are the key steps to assign a room to an hotel?
    Is it enough to just set “Hotel room” in the “General” tab? Is it necessary to set the location equal to the hotel to which the room belongs?
    As you can see, all of the rooms already have an hotel assigned.

    Moreover, when I try to set the locations on a translated room, they are not saved.

    Please log into my site, check where the problem is and tell me if it’s a theme bug or if I’m doing something wrong and what I’m doing wrong.

    Please help me ASAP, mu customer is getting very angry. Thank you.



    You should translate location first then translate hotel, room. After translated hotel and room, please assign room for the new translated hotel then update calendar to make the function work normal.



    All the hotels, rooms and locations are translated. I’ve done all those steps but the problems remains. Did you login to my site to see first hand?
    Please login and see, for example, “Hotel Baia Azzurra” and its room (Double Room) in italian language. It’s already assigned to the hotel but when you try to set the locations and save, they are not saved (the locations are unchecked when the the page reload).

    Please help ASAP, my customer is going to cancel the contract!
    Thank you.


    I will close this topic because you have other topic with same issue.

    [URGENT!] Hotel rooms does not show in translations


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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