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    First of all a thumbs up for your theme from my side, It’s awesome.I just had some problems-

    1. I want to change the name of text and buttons shown in the partner dashboard.
    2. Can I edit the partner dashboard?
    3. In the location setting for – add new car and new hotel and other it shows Russia, Berlin,Italy,etc.But, I want to make a website for Indian based company.So can I change it?



    1. You can use Poedit to translate text in Partner Dashboard.

    Manual Translation

    2. What do you want to edit in partner dashboard? If you want to change font size, color…i can help you do it by custom css code.

    3. Currently, partner post will use main language to display. After partner create post, you can use WPML to translate it to other language.

    WPML Compatible



    hello Bryan,
    Thanks for your reply,
    1.But, by name of text and button I do not mean the language. I mean the words of the text that is available in the fields of partner dashboard.
    2. I want to change the rental feature such that partners can submit motorcycles and trekking gears for rent.
    Please help!



    1. Please send me a screenshot of the word you want to change so i can help you better.

    Poedit is not translator, it help change one word to other word in same language.

    2. You can enable Car service and Activity Service for your site then partner can create 2 types rental for rent.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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