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    SELECT post_id, meta_key, meta_value
    FROM obEA8hH_postmeta
    WHERE post_id IN (9640,7916,7464,2,6922,6919,6893,7000,6999,6998,6997,6730,6713,6664,6662,6634,6633,6631,6629,6627,6625,6589,5869,5868,5867,6480,6476,6474,6472,6996,6198,5984,5879,5873,5831,5766,5757,5741,5561,5189,5190,5191,5192,6993,6994,6995,5162,5160,5159,5158,5157,5156,5152,5140,5100,5099,5097,5096,5095,5094,6992,5093,6991,5091,6990,5089,6989,5087,6988,5086,5085,5079,5078,5076,5075,5074,5073,5072,5070,5063,6987,4792,6986,4788,4784,4781,4778,4773,1816,6985,1748,6984,1713,6983,1710,1619,1497,1491,1456,1443,6982,1387,1065,1064,1063,1059,1058,1057,1055,1051,1042,1025,958,923,921,6981,670,6980,668,646,6979,625,520,512,510,508,501,498,494,453,426,416,389,363,333,310,309,289,263,261,258,6978,6977,6976,6975,6974,6973,6972,6971,6970,48,18,5492,34,33,32,6969,31,6968,158,145,134,132,125,121,110,107,103,5809)
    ORDER BY meta_id ASC

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    As the query, Theme must select so many item from database to load so it need more time.

    Thank for your understanding.


    ok thanks so much do you thinks i can resolve the speed with wp-rocket even my site register 1,98 sec into pingdom because i need the navigation be more fast



    You can use WP Rocket plugin to minify css/js files to make theme load faster.


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    Thank you.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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