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    i want to replace the header video of video slider page and coming soon page.
    how to do that?

    Many thanks



    Please description more details of your wishes about replace header video so i can help you better.




    many thanks for your reactivity.

    there are a model of Home page, it’s name video slider, i want to use it, and replace the default video by my own video.

    the same thing for coming soon page.

    how to do this?





    You can edit the page then change to your video in element settings.

    Our document will show you more details:

    Video Background With Testimonial



    hello dear Bryan,

    many thanks.

    please help me, i want to customize ST Search like this display:


    Thank you.



    Please provide an admin account so i can help you do it.


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    I have configured the main header for you.


    Please check again.



    Many thanks dear Bryan,

    Now i have to hide some informations:

    – Private Tours: hide video tabs, prices and Maps in booking pages.
    – Group tours: hide video tabs and maps.
    – Activities: no booking, no prices, No maps, No video, No calendar, just show activities informations and reviews. activities are paied by cash during tours.

    Also, the header video on home layout page doesnt display in mobil version, please advice.

    Many thanks.



    You can refer our document to build the activiy/tour layout you want:


    Also the full header layout does not support mobile version. It only supported the screen larger than 1200px.



    hello dear Bryan,

    thank you for your help.

    your tutorial is very helpful, but untill now i dont know how to hide price in single tours and single activity layouts. (hide $0,00)

    many thanks.

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    You can use this code to remove the activity price:

    .price_activity {
        display: none;



    Thank you dear Bryan, but i dont know where i have to past this code.

    Many thanks for your help.

    Best regards


    it’s OK for Activity Single, I did it.

    But i dont know how to hide prices in Tour Single, List of Tours and List of Activities.

    Best regards

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    You can use this code to remove price on single tour:

    .single-st_tours .booking-item-details .booking-item-header-price {display: none;}

    Also there have have so many section that have price. Please provide me the link that have list tour, list activity so i can help you remove price.


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