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    I have put twice the same element ST HOTEL NEARBY because I wanted to see how it appeared on half column and full column, but noticed that in one case it shows another property (I only have 2 properties on my site so far), but in another case it shows the same property.
    You can check here bottom of page
    So I wonder how the properties are shown in the element, as the settings for this element are very limited. How many nearby houses would it show when site is fully loaded? Which is the logic behind? Thanks
    PS: don0t bother I renamed HOTEL into HOUSES, but functionalities are the ones for hotels



    The default Hotel Nearby element display 5 Hotels.

    You can check our demo here for more details:

    The Grand Hotel NewYork City



    thank you bryan; is there a way I can upload your demo into my site and theno work on modifying existing posts and pages? I did upload content but it is very limited. Thanks



    You can import demo data at Traveler Settings > Install Demo to check the settings, layout and page config.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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