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    1. I was looking for the plug-in because I wanted to resolve the problem, but I couldn’t find it. Can you tell me how to solve it?

    2. We are adding ST as shown in Figure 2.
    Where can I fix a problem I can’t fix by clicking?

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    In addition, I want to know how to put an image of a room in a hotel.



    You can download that plugin here:


    Our document will show you the way to select image for room:




    Your answer was very helpful.

    The second question is, I would like to correct one made of ST, but can I modify it? Or can I tell you the path? ?



    To edit ST element, you need to mouse over it and click to pen icon.

    You can refer my image to more details.

    If i misunderstand your idea, please provide more details so i can check and help you better.

    Thank you.

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    There are other areas that I want to make modifications on besides clicking on them. I want to know if I need to open the html document or php document to correct what I want.

    Is it possible?



    Each element has them own settings. You can edit the element and select the setting you want.

    If you want to modify the theme function, you need modify the code.



    I want to know where to modify the code. Thank you.

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