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    The Traveler website that I have been building is just about ready for production and my client is concerned about performance. The bottom line is that the Traveler site I have built is not that speedy. Because of our WordPress sites, we are in the process of migrating to a cloud based hosting plan with our current provider Hostgator in the USA. They are one of the major hosting providers in the US and are very reliable. They also offer WordPress optimized hosting but that would be a separate package from our current plan as we have non-Wordpress sites running as well and need conventional hosting. I noticed that you promote two WordPress focused hosting providers and both are located in the USA. My client believes that the site is slow because it is in the US and not in Vietnam. He has been exploring this VN host https://www.pavietnam.vn/en/ which seems very full featured but trying to understand their hosting plans is difficult. Since you are in Vietnam I was wondering if you are familiar with their company.



    You can use that host and also you can try this host:

    SSD Tiêu Chuẩn

    or this host:


    Thank you.


    We have completed our migration to the cloud based plan at Hostgator and the performance is somewhat better but not dramatic. I ran your Traveler demo site through GTmetrix and your performance was very good. I don’t know how that site is configured (plugins, etc.) but I wish ours was that quick. Where is that demo site physically located/hosted?



    Our demo site running on WP Engine server and using WP Rocket plugin to minify Css/Js files to make theme load faster.

    Thank you.


    You mentioned that you are on a WP Engine Server (https://wpengine.com/). Is that considered “optimized” for WordPress and exactly what does that give you? Our hosting company offers that package as well. Also, if you don’t mind, where is that demo site physically located/hosted? I have installed W3 Total Cache and am working through tuning that to see if it makes a difference.



    I am not sure where is demo site physically located but WP engine is one of our recommend server for traveler theme:

    Requirements For Traveler


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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