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    Wjhat is the difference between withdrawal and refund ?

    I created a partner (Bob) : I can see withdrawal butoon in his dashboard.

    But for Admin account (Apollet) : I only see Refund manager…




    withdrawal option is request from partner to admin to take the money of his booking service.

    After customer book the service, admin keep the money. If partner want to take the money, just send request for admin.



    OK and what is Refund manager ?



    Customer send the refund request so admin can check all the request at that section.



    OKfine but I see the refund manager menu is not visible for partner.

    It is only for customer.

    Is that normal ?


    Well, I tried to buy a tour as a normal customer with Paypal and Form but I don’t see the Refund manager.

    When do I see it in the dashboard ?




    The refund feature only exchange between admin and customer. Partner does not have it.

    Also to see the refund request, you have to cancel the booking.



    1. OK I bought a tour as a customer.
    Then I cancelled it as an admin from WP dashboard.
    It appears as cancelled in the customer dashboard but I don’t see the refund manager button in the customer dashboard.

    Can you please help ?

    2. Can the partner cancel the booking directly from his dashboard ?




    1. Customer does not have refund manager. Only admin have that. It is not necessary to build a manage system for customer who just make 1 or 2 cancel request.

    2. Temporary, partner can not touch anything about booking of customer. Only admin can do that.



    1. Ok so can you describe exactly in which case Admin will see some refund requets ?

    2. Ok so it means the following :
    – Partner can not refuse a booking
    – Partner has to approve a booking to accept it
    Or does the Approval button means tour has been delivered and completed ?
    – If partner does not approve it after some time and that tour has been paid, admin has to refund
    In that case can customer require refund somewhere ?




    1. After customer send refund request and admin complete the request, they can view in refund manage section about that.

    2. Partner does not have any permission on Booking of customer. Only admin can check and approve the booking. The money admin take and admin refund to customer.

    Partner only can post service, send request to admin to take the money following commission.



    1. Ok and when customer requets refund ? when he has paid with paypal or stripe and that partner does not accept the service?

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    Hello Apollet,

    After bought the service, if customer does not want it anymore, they can send request refund.


Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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