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    and it says this

    Your site can run faster

    This version of WPML includes new settings that will help your site run faster. We recommend changing the following settings, which are all available in WPML->Theme and plugins localization:
    1. Translate strings with ST and don’t load .mo files: Some themes and plugins have huge .mo files that take a long time to load. WPML already knows the strings in these files and loads only the necessary strings to display each page.
    2. Assume that all texts in PHP strings are in English: Almost all themes and plugins have texts in English. Reducing the check for the string’s language simplifies and shortens the string translation process.

    should we do this, or do we need to load your .mo files, we made many customizations to the .mo files.. what should i do ?


    Also you rep, deactivated other plugins and activated plugins we do not need, what a problem


    oh my gosh i just deactivated 10 plugins i dont need and some one actiavted them again was this you? you talk about plugins being the issues, then please quit activating ones I did not install!


    omg what ever you did , you broke our staging site!
    now I have to take backup of the live to staging and i lose all my work I did in staging (beta)
    i am blocking you out of our system , until we get this sorted out!


    sorry last message goes to another thread



    Thank for your information of new WPML version. We will check and update it.

    Normally, the .mo file and .po file always work together.

    Also I did not touch your plugin. You have a lot of plugin so i recommend you in your other topic that you should do it by your self.

    Thank you.


    Hello this issue is still open, it has almost ben 30 days (1 month) no answer from you.



    Our dev team still working on this.

    We will update the theme so that it is best compatible with the plugin.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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