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    I want to be back to defaults woocomerce orders list view. I have seen your themes modify the view with a “preview” of each order. How can I be back to the original woocommerce view? Thanks



    We updated the order detail layout to display well with theme post type. In order to set it default, you have to change the code.

    Thank for your understanding.


    Yes, but what files from the code? Thanks.


    According to envato’s policy, we do not accept custom code anymore.

    The best way is you should find a developer to help you customize and control your site.

    Thank for your understanding.


    Im not asking you to customize my files. I just want to know which one is the file I have to modify. Im a developer, but it will save some time for me if I know the file. Thanks!


    No help?



    Do you mean the List of Order in Woocommerce > Orders section or which section you want to modify so i can send the the file.



    Yes, exactly 🙂



    You can find it in this file:


    Hope this can help.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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