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    Hi guys I have installed WPML following your steps, but a problem existe

    When WPML is active:

    1 The left panel Location (Ubicacion) for Tours/Excursiones dissapears and do not let you check the tour location.

    2-Also in the search form for Excursions and Activities (combos) the dropdown list dissapear

    2 first pics show 4 cases all is fine when WPML is disabled
    2 last pictures shows 4 cases the error when wpml is enabled.

    Please, can you fix this? I need to finish my translations

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    I will disable WPML plugin to continue working but feel free to enable it to see/fix the issue.




    If you use WPML in theme, you must duplicate your data post in current language to other. WPML can help you do it by one click for each post.

    Be sure you create enought data in second language before use it like layout, page, location…



    Hi Bryan, I have defined my main language as spanish, since my wp is in spanish.

    And when I activate wpml cms , the issue appears in spanish with the locations .

    Do you mean I must duplicate all the theme content to fix it, like locations , layouts and so?



    Hi Bryan, just close this, I have translated locations and all is fixed now, first time I saw this in WPML!

    Well thanks a lot, I am starting to build it in english too!

    Please help me with my transfer issue I think I meessed up somewhere!


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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