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    after install wmpl 3.7.1 i got message langauge directory not function
    link are not working maps get error pls i need help asp i stuck with project long time

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    You can contact your hosting. They need to config a few modules:
    1. Enable URL rewriting mode
    2. Set permission .htaccess file can edit.

    I think that your issue will be resolved.

    Thank you,
    Hai Nguyen


    thank you for reply me they already check everything they told me everything ok on them side everything function good they told me to contact the author of the theme


    Dear Hai Nguye,
    Before i contact you the hosting try to help me nothing on them back end we also open there ticket all was fine i think the isue is from the theme pls check it out im facing with alot of isue with the theme pls hellllllllllllllllllllllpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp this project must to go on



    I can see you are using plugin with kingtheme.com at the last place.

    WPML Multilingual CMS - kingstheme.com

    Did you buy plugin from dirrect plugin author or from 3rd part author?

    Please check again.



    there is no isue with the plugin becasuse before the update was the same problem


    Hello Enzo,

    Your account ready Expired support time you should renew on themeforest for continue get support technical from us.

    We will stop support from this time for your issue.

    Hope you understand this is policy support from Envato and us.



    im very despointed from your service and i will tell you now what im think from the first moment i bought this theme was full of bugs and i deal only with technical problem from first day install it i have some basic knowledge and i never made any change to the theme php java etc, i bought this theme:
    1. not to deal with technical issue and special with no need to hard code
    2. wpml compatibility rtl etc.
    3. even when last time i ask the support simple things it was hard and take around the coner like now
    4. this is your responsibility to check even if i my support expired i bought this theme on base that its work with wpml! and i did everything same your theme documentation so pls now try to help me to solve the issue before we foreword….



    When you bought and use our theme and in support time why not you post ticket for get help? Our support always working and all clients is happy with that.

    You said its bugs please report or post ticket in that time for support not now when support is expired you said that we can not help for that.

    Our theme compatible with WPML and you can see this site https://www.dujemarinegroup.com/ featured on https://wpml.org/showcase/

    Our them also support with RTL layout that is true not problem yet.

    Finally you should renew support time for continue use our technical support system this is policy of support for all client not just you.

    I hope you understand for this.


    so now you want to force to pay extra for support when the theme no work for me with wpml? its my fault? check first if its my fault then tell me if i need the support


    You should for understand the support policy and you and me should following it.

    Envato give support policy and both must following ( Author and Buyer )

    When you bought it you have 6 months for support time for post any bugs or problem you have with our theme and we must help you sold all problem if its our bugs.

    Now you Expired for support you told with us our theme have bugs and you want we help for sold.

    Why you don’t understand we must following Support Policy for help both save time and happy.

    We not need you extended support time if you don’t want.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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