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    The problem is that when I click on ‘book now’ button on the single car page, it redirects me to the modal pop up page, instead of ‘Change Location & Date’ pop up window, where I must select the pick up and drop off places, dates, times, etc. And, of course, on modal booking page there is no Pick up, Drop off, Car Price,Number of Days and other info. See attachment please.

    Same problem I have on single activities, hotel room’s and excursions/tours pages – on modal booking pop up page there is no Number of Night Number of Room, Number of Adult, Extra, Deposit, Activity type, Duration, Max People, Type Tour, Date, Number of Adult EVEN I CHOOSE ALL THIS OPTIONS.

    Please, remove ‘http://’ from ftp url.

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    Your site excursions.ge is incorrect. I can not access to it. It redirect to Localhost.

    Please check again.


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    I mean when i access your site, it redirect me to

    Please check it again.



    I understood what you mean. Yesterday, more then 15 my facebook friends from different countries said, they has no problem with access on my website.

    So, something wrong with your IP address. It wasn’t in All in One WP Security plugin’s blacklist. But I cleared the blacklist anyway and this rule is disabled.

    Anyway, could you please to try again or with another IP?
    Or if you can to send me your IP as a private reply, I’ll add it in plugin’s login whitelist.




    This is my IP address:

    Hope it can work.




    Please, try access my site again now.
    There must not be any problem.




    Did you customize any code in main theme? I checked everything and see no any problem in settings but the checkout popup still show up without location.



    No. Absolutely nothing. No customization.


    I just install last version 2-3 hours ago. The problem was in previous version and persists in last version too.



    If you does not have any customized code, can i upload new theme from us to check it?



    Sure, go ahead.



    The problem is your location field does not required field so theme still allow to book.

    I made it to be required. You can check again.



    Only thing I can see is – Error establishing a database connection.
    If ti is not the temporary error, I can restore website from yesterday backup, then you must make your changes again or explain me what to do exactly.


    Ok, it was temporary issue and now website works again.
    But I can’t see any progress. For example click on the book now button on this page https://excursions.ge/?st_cars=bmw-x6-facelift-3

    Problem still persists.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)

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