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    Once again you worked your magic and provided exactly the fix I needed.

    Thanks again,


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    Based on what I believe they are saying is that low activity use like what is found in Traveler would be covered under their “free” monthly use plan. Since it’s up to each user to supply their own API key it’s not something that Shine Theme should be accountable for. It would be a good idea to alert your customers however when you better understand the situation.

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    Any updates to my issue with visual composer?

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    Thanks Bryan, just curious. We’ve been in production with Traveler for almost a month and it’s performing well.


    Alan Tigner

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    Thanks, that made it more viewable. Might be a good idea to update the documentation with that info.

    Thanks again for your great support.

    Alan Tigner

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    Thanks. At least we have a handle on it for now.

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    Because I don’t like problems that are not resolved I decided to keep working on the image issue and made a discovery that may shed some light on why things are not working right. I examined the VC code from a clone site that is displaying the images properly and the code from the non-functioning site. What I discovered was that a totally different set of code generated with the prior and current versions. I am attaching an example of what I’m talking about. In the first example (from the working code) you will see a numeric string before the image URL that I assume is some sort of date hash. In the second example (from the non-working code) you will see a full date/timestamp that may be the issue as I don’t think that is proper CSS code.

    When I replaced the full date string with the shorter numeric string things start to display. It works perfectly with the two background files in the footer and although it displays the correct image at the top of the homepage it exhibits a different behavior. Before, the image background at the top scrolled with the page but now is fixed and the page scrolls over it. This may be a setting in the row properties (cover, repeat, etc.) but I have not tried that yest.

    I believe this is significant because the VC code in question on the home page and footer had been completed for several months with no changes having been applied recently. I probably updated my version of WP Bakery during that interim which may have changed things. When I first tried to fix the issue I created a test page with a row background image and it did not display properly. This would have been a page created without any connections to the old code.

    I may place a support inquiry with the WP Bakery folks but if you have any connections maybe you can contact them.

    Your thoughts would be appreciated.

    Alan Tigner

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    I certainly appreciate your frustration with my issues. I have looked at the duplicator plug-in before and may try it for this situation. Since I have successfully used the site migration and activation technique before, I am still confused as to why the code cannot find the images for the homepage and footer when the code is correct. If it’s a caching issue then I don’t see how a different transfer technique would work any better. My dev environment is on the same server as production and in the past I have simply pointed the domain source folder (add-on domain in this situation) to the new source folder in my “public_HTML” folder (changed pointer from “tourtothecaves” to “tourtothecaves3”) and everything should have been good. With WordPress, I also go into PHPMyAdmin and edit the wp-options table change the site URL to the new URL. I have used this migration technique many times and it’s always worked without any issues. The duplicator plug-in appears to be used for platform to platform code transfers which is not what I’m doing in my situation. Each day I send a full site backup to Drop Box and is what I’ve used to replicate the site to a “localhost” environment on my PC and that’s always worked as well. I’m just wondering if the fact that the old website was up and running for over a year if there are not some remnants of that site floating around that my be confusing things.

    At this point I have two options and that is to try another transfer from my last good back up or to abandon Traveler and revert to the old site until a resolution is found. I have spent a lot of time on Traveler an really prefer not to abandon it. What we have is working except for these homepage and footer image issues.

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    I will try that. Thanks.

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    When I look at the raw VC code I see URLs for some of the graphics from the old site (development) address. Changing them to the correct one does not seem to make any difference. This is driving me crazy.

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    The image at the top of the homepage has vanished again and I probably caused it. The image that was displayed after you had corrected it was too large and I was trying to get it to show correctly but when I changed to settings on the row property it would not re-display. The footer graphic on the EN side is good but the VN footer background does not display. Since you believe it has something to do with translations I re-registered the WPML key to this new code since the old one I used in development was still in place. Unfortunately, that made no difference although it needed to be done. If you look at the examples I sent earlier you will see what the top image is supposed to look like.

    All your help is greatly appreciated.

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    Well I’m glad you somewhat solved it but the VN homepage page is still not displaying properly. So what exactly did you do to fix this with regard to translations?

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    Its the same admin access as before. Believe me, I have already tried everything I can think of including what you suggested.

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    I assumed that the date format after being corrected in the booking steps would be reflected in the admin dashboard but I guess I was wrong. Thanks for the fix whenever you can deliver it.

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