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    it’s work after so many refresh on firefox, but if I use chrome and brave browser it’a all blank

    it’s still the same, all way I already try, now what can I do till waiting for solution I have to unactivate the VC plugin and it’s make me frustated…

    I use the newst that available on update pack, than I also use the on on the link but still the same, no problem to create new srvices, but gett blank when I try to edit the existing services using admin dashboard, using user dashboard also no problem


    in reply to: Main Location on List of Destination #58475

    okay than
    I’ve solve with make the main area featured and diplay featured only

    in reply to: Featured Image not Show-up on link Share #58141

    ok may be I need third party plugin…
    thanks bryan

    in reply to: Featured Image not Show-up on link Share #57817

    for facebook no problem, but when I share to other WhatsApp and others just the website logo (emoticon) show-up as featured image, how to fix it?

    in reply to: inbox feature in modern theme #57706

    same here waiting for the inbox feature

    in reply to: HOW TO CHANGE THE LANGUAGE #57144

    use WordPress way to change the language
    WP-Dasboard-Setting – General – Language
    hoppe can help

    in reply to: Booking form Modification #57143

    I just replace the default file brought by the theme with my logo….
    thanks the problem is solve…

    in reply to: Same display on Rate and Hotel Star Filter #56600

    Solved already… thanks

    in reply to: Booking form Modification #56599

    for case number one I already replace the text,
    but not for the logo
    I don’t understand either what you mean with “You should make a search on the project for the field that you want to modify to know the place to do and change it.”

    in reply to: Diferent footer Copyright with Site Title #56094

    thanks bryan

    in reply to: Diferent footer Copyright with Site Title #55946

    I try to modify like this and can only put text in front of the website name, is it possible to replace the website name with company name, but the website name stay on the top bar.. that’s what I mean with my will have 2 different name between website and footer
    is it possible?

    $footer_template = TravelHelper::st_get_template_footer( get_the_ID(), true );
    if ( $footer_template ) {
    $vc_content = STTemplate::get_vc_pagecontent( $footer_template );
    if ( $vc_content ) {
    echo ‘<footer id=”main-footer” class=”clearfix”>’;
    echo $vc_content;
    echo ‘ </footer>’;
    } else {
    <footer id=”main-footer” class=”container-fluid”>
    <div class=”container text-center”>
    <p><?php _e( ‘Copy © 2014 PT Wisata Nusantara Sejahtera‘, ST_TEXTDOMAIN ) ?></p>

    <?php } ?>
    <div class=”container main-footer-sub”>
    <div class=”st-flex space-between”>
    <div class=”left mt20″>
    <div class=”f14″><?php echo sprintf( esc_html__( ‘Copyright © %s by PT Wisata Nusantara Sejahtera’, ST_TEXTDOMAIN ), date( ‘Y’ ) ); ?> <a
    href=”<?php echo esc_url( home_url( ‘/’ ) ) ?>”
    class=”st-link”><?php bloginfo( ‘PT Wisata Nusantara Sejahtera’ ) ?></div>
    <div class=”right mt20″>
    /v2/images/svg/ico_paymethod.svg” alt=””
    <?php wp_footer(); ?>

    in reply to: Cannot Edit Section on Homepage and Footer #55706

    Just share..
    for right and left section you can try to edit on modern footer page using visual composer…
    but don’t know to edit the under section one, and I would like to edit it also

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