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    in reply to: My website runs very slowly. #22087


    Before waiting for your update, I mean which line of that query should edit/delete/ignore to escape slow mode.

    I have to start my project nowadays!!

    Thanks for understanding.

    in reply to: My website runs very slowly. #22053


    I used Query Monitor plugin to find where functions run slowly, and that plugin shows me below query takes 38s this TIME more than usual.

    SELECT ID, hotel_id, count(hotel_id) as total_room 
    FROM ( 
    SELECT ID, wp_postmeta.meta_value as adult_number, st_meta1.meta_value as children_number, st_meta3.meta_value as number_room, st_meta2.meta_value as hotel_id 
    FROM wp_posts JOIN wp_postmeta on wp_postmeta.post_id=wp_posts.ID and wp_postmeta.meta_key=’adult_number’ JOIN wp_postmeta as st_meta1 on st_meta1.post_id=wp_posts.ID and st_meta1.meta_key=’children_number’ JOIN wp_postmeta as st_meta3 on st_meta3.post_id=wp_posts.ID and st_meta3.meta_key=’number_room’JOIN wp_postmeta as st_meta2 on st_meta2.post_id=wp_posts.ID and st_meta2.meta_key=’room_parent’ where 1=1 
    AND post_type=’hotel_room’ 
    AND wp_posts.ID IN ( 
    SELECT room_id from( 
    SELECT room_id, sum(room_num_search) AS total_booked, room.number_room 
    FROM wp_st_order_item_meta 
    INNER JOIN wp_hotel_room AS room
    ON room.post_id = wp_st_order_item_meta.room_id 
    WHERE 1 = 1 
    AND ( ( check_in_timestamp <= 1530230400 
    AND check_out_timestamp >= 1530230400 ) 
    OR ( check_in_timestamp >= 1530230400 
    AND check_in_timestamp <= 1530316800 ) ) 
    AND st_booking_post_type = ‘st_hotel’ 
    AND STATUS NOT IN ( ‘trash’, ‘canceled’, ‘wc-cancelled’ ) 
    GROUP BY room_id Having room.number_room – total_booked < 1 ) as booked_table ) 
    OR wp_posts.ID IN ( 
    SELECT post_id 
    FROM wp_st_room_availability 
    WHERE 1 = 1 
    AND ( check_in >= 1530230400 
    AND check_out <= 1530316800 
    AND status = ‘unavailable’ ) ) 
    OR wp_postmeta.meta_value < 1 
    OR st_meta3.meta_value < 1 
    GROUP BY wp_posts.ID ) as room_data 
    GROUP BY hotel_id 
    HAVING total_room >= ( 
    SELECT count(post_id) 
    FROM wp_postmeta 
    WHERE meta_key = ‘room_parent’ 
    AND meta_value = hotel_id )

    Do YOU explain to me how to solve that?

    in reply to: My website runs very slowly. #21962

    The problem comes when I press search button for hotels on the tab on the front page.

    PLS be Noted:
    I am using your hotel’s demo (images, details etc.).
    When pressing one of the Top Destinations it is work very well (shows me the results in 4s).
    I did increase to 50GB SSD.

    I hope to find an answer from you.


    in reply to: Invoicing #15284


    I know how to manage commission. But, I want to see and print invoices that contain commission amount.

    Please, Tell me where can find it.

    in reply to: Invoicing #15134


    In relation between Partner and admin:

    Am looking for all invoices were written inside it amount of commission for admin.


    in reply to: Invoicing #15099

    Hi all,

    where can find commission invoices for all booking ??

    in reply to: Status (Pending, incomplete, completed) #15098


    After confirm booking from guest and approval from hotel, we need to let system send to the guest (status : confirmed).


    I would like to know Which time(status) the room will be unavailable for other guests?

    and Which time(status) the room will be ready for new booking?


    in reply to: Hotels management system (front desk) #15047

    Hello Bryan,

    I appreciate your effort, but I ask about features not included in Traveler WP. I know it is from hotel management system (PMS) such as:
    • View all of room reservations on a calendar page.
    • Check guests in and out.
    • Add extra sale items (breakfast, internet service, laundry, etc.).
    • Move existing bookings around.
    • Add any payment from guests and Print invoices.

    I hope from you to let me know if Traveler WP has any integration with a plugin to manage those features.


    in reply to: Hotels management system (front desk) #14857

    Hi huannv,

    I hope these steps will explain:

    1. After guest booking at Hotel, Traveler WP send hotel booking details to partner account. (This stage done)
    2. Every Partner account can able to send booking details to Hotel management system OR property management system by using plugin WP.
    3. We need that to let every partner manage other operations not included in Traveler WP. Such as, check in – check out – add other services – add payments invoices – print invoices to guests


    in reply to: Invoicing #14782

    Thanks for this question,

    I have same query.

    Thanks A LOT

    its working …


    the issues Automatically comes again.

    i found : Sorry! Payment Gateway: Submit Form is not available for this item!

    back to asking help.

    I did reinstall demo and it was solved that issues.

    but in case i need to know why that fields can not change ? And how to solve it manually.


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