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    Actually, I can’t see me asking about removing the map option in another topic of mine. Maybe I was too tired last night to have thought I did. God knows I have asked that question a million times in my head!

    With the modern layout, I really can’t find a way to disable it. Am I supposed to create a new Single Tour page, if so, based on what template, because there is none. also, If I chose one of the three Single Tour Layout Options in add New Tour, e.g. Layout 1, Layout 2, or Layout 3 – they all come with a map. I honestly can’t find the setting for any of those layouts that would disable the map. Likewise, those layouts 1,2 and 3 are not listed under Layouts, so I can’t edit them there. Even when I create a New Layout for Single Tour, visually based on the samples, and leave out the map, I can’s see the new layout as an available option to chose from under the Tour Detail Layout under Tour Options.
    PLEASE. I need to know, if this something I am doing wrong, or something that is coming in some future update? If so, WHEN?
    I understand that your resources are stretched. Maybe if this Help Forum allowed for an in-depth search of topics already covered by others, it would take some load off your shoulders by not having to answer the same question over and over.

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    Please refer to the image to see what I am talking about.
    But don’t sweat over it. I might just wait until the new Modern look options are all smoothed out by some future update. Pitty, I really like the design, but too cumbersome to work with as it is. I think you need more resources ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Yes, sorry, the map was my oversight.

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    Thank you for at least answering this Author’s posted questions since I am still waiting for an answer from my post 10 days ago and again today. And I fully second his question about the logic of this entire “modern theme” update, since we yet again have to wait for another update in order to get the settings options even a basic Theme should have. This theme, as a whole, is rather complex. The problems, and frustration, faced by many, stems from the lack of user control over simple settings like color, position (left, center, right), show/no show, and style, so users can tune the theme to suit their style and corporate theme! This is a half-baked product in terms of user modifications of the most basic settings any theme. One can only dream of the design flexibility of Avada. Such a complex project, yet so inflexible. Yes, I am sorry…for everybody’s inconvenience.

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    Hi Huann, tried the code … it fixed it. Bingo!
    Thanks mate!

    in reply to: Can not change menu #34350

    Sorry Bryan,
    I forgot to update this post earlier – disabling the Toolset plugin fixed this issue as well. Thanks for your suggestions!

    in reply to: WPML vs Global Setting #34308

    Aha. That should work. That should work. Thanks Bryan.

    in reply to: Main Currency will not change #34300

    Toolset plugin was the culprit. Not sure if it had to do with the Bootstrap loading settings within it or with the whole plugin as is, but deactivating it brought back the currency selection option. I hope it does not muck up something else further down the road.

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    Yes, I already found this code on your site. That addresses the issue of fonts and color, not the style or logo or items on the menu.

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    Works fine, thank you.
    The original problem was that the lang sel field text turned invisible. This was due to the footer default settings changing all text white.

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    Sure Bryan,
    The previous travel theme I had used was Traveltour. It is deactivated now, but maybe some of its legacy still lingers. I am at a loss there. If push comes to shove, I guess we can remove it altogether. I can always reinstall it if need be – though,hopefully, that need will not arise.

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    So, the solution is – not to use the Original Footer supplied with the theme, even for modifications, but start from scratch with a blank page for the footer and rebuild it. Then 5 columns are no problem. I guess because the Footer page supplied with the theme was made with an earlier version of the visual composer, it still doesn’t like the 5 column option.
    Case closed.

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    Thanks for replying, Bryan.
    Yes, I was editing the footer within the footer page, and Yes, there is an anomaly. Five columns don’t work. 4 ok, 5+ok, 5 not ok.
    If you ever come across it, here is some more info on it. It’s a “bug” or a feature limitation if you will.
    It looks like they haven’t quite smoothed it out yet. As I said, I worked around it. Cost me bloody half a day to figure out that I just can’t have 5 cols. ๐Ÿ™

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    In addition, if you put six columns in, and only use 5, that works, depending on location within the footer; you just have to live with the extra empty space of the 6th column.

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