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    Thanks. This is helpful. In the file for the administrative area fields, why is it formatted like “new-york|new-york|new-york|new-york”? It looks like you have the city name 4 times for each field. What’s the logic?

    Thanks again

    in reply to: Conditional Taxonomy #9798

    Hmmm…it sounds like I wasn’t clear as to what I was trying to do. So in my search box, I want to have 3 fields”

    1) Pickup Location (This is the Location field under tours)
    2) Dropoff Location (this would be a Taxonomy)
    3) Trip Date (The is Arrival Date field under Tours)

    I’d have it be set up so that the user chooses the Pickup location first. I would then want the Dropoff Location Taxonomy to be limited based on what is chosen for the Pickup location.

    So, for instance, if someone had a pickup location in Hanoi, the dropoff locations in New York would be excluded from this list because there would be no bus routes available between the two locations.

    Is there anyway to limit what shows up in the Taxonomy based on what the user chooses for location?

    Thanks again

    in reply to: Conditional Hide/Show Field in Tour Search Box #9791

    Yeah, that’s basically what I did for now. I’ll see if I can hide/show the departure date with CSS.

    in reply to: Helpdesk #9787

    Got it – thank you

    in reply to: Layout Issue with WPBakery #9497

    nevermind – I figured out what was going on

    in reply to: WPBakery #9487

    you just have enable it in WPBakery Page Builder –> Role Manager

    Role Manager

Viewing 6 posts - 61 through 66 (of 66 total)