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  • in reply to: Tax disable for hotels #60284

    Then how do i disable tax for hotels ? I’ve added custom pricing for hotels, but want tax applied for tours..

    How do i achieve this ?

    in reply to: Partner Capabilities Edit #57703

    I know the only way to do is to modify the theme code.. that wasn’t the answer I expected when i raised this query, I want to know whether you can tell me the exact function to edit ? Im really confused and my php knowledge is weak.. For once help me out.. Ive raised several issues earlier but all the solutions provided were either useless or didn’t work.. Real sad support.. Copy pasting forums link isn’t suppport btw

    in reply to: Search results in blog page (search bar not working) #55675

    I checked.. i think the issue is with the permalinks.. unable to set it to post-name..

    I get 404 error when i do that, only the homepage works alright.. what can i do to solve this ?

    in reply to: Search results in blog page (search bar not working) #55504

    sorry this solution doesn’t help this issue.. it still leads to the blog page.. i’ve already given the admin access can you please check again what the issue is.. im really helpless and i want a solution to this asap !

    in reply to: Option Tree Update Compatible with version 2.7 #51396

    wtf ? its real sad.. im unable to update hotels or tours because of this sad plugin.. I thought this theme would be real great.. but every other day some update happens and it gets messed up.. and the support is extremely slow.. why do u even have support, if you wanna send general forums as solutions to the problems ?

    in reply to: Tours languages #47761
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    in reply to: Tours languages #47374

    sorry.. i added a new attribute called languages for tours and added languages to it, but still the languages section is showing blank..

    Please help

    in reply to: Website extremely slow #46515

    No sir, i’ve done all of the above and it didnt make a difference whatsoever.. Traveler code and wpbakery plugins are making my site extremely slow.. I deactivate one and it works perfectly..

    Please don’t reply with a generic response..

    I need someone to look into this issue personally..

    Just hoping for a quick response

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)